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From agendas and venue information, to speaker bios and presentations, keep audiences informed, with content published straight to their devices.


Managed Q&A

Every attendee can get involved and ask questions. Presenters have the option to moderate questions if they want to keep conversations on track.



Whether you want to go it alone or think you’ll need on-site support from our team, we’ll work together to find a solution that’s right for your event – whatever the size.



Energize your event and generate healthy competition. Create fun and memorable experiences by encouraging attendees to complete polls or tasks and meet new people.

Interactive Q&A

Real-time voting

Find out exactly what your audiences are thinking. Create polls in seconds and watch the results come in as people vote instantly with their device.



Audiences can create profiles, link their social accounts and connect with like-minded attendees using instant attendee messaging.



Lumi apps can be tailored to your event with branded elements like logos and colors. There’s even ad space to generate additional sponsorship revenue.



We can provide dedicated, secure networks for non-wireless interactivity. Perfect for events like conferences that require a bit more discretion, or those taking place across several sites.



Dedicated handsets

Our handsets are the most advanced and reliable Audience Response handsets in the world, trusted by global brands for their speed, flexibility and 100% accuracy.

They’re easy to use, secure and encrypted, eliminating the need for any Wi-Fi or phone signal. Accommodating both voting and texting, the handsets have a full color graphical display and come with a high quality microphone that means everyone has the opportunity to be heard.



Click handsets and ViewPoint software

For smaller meetings and training rooms where the requirement is for numeric responses only, Lumi’s Click handsets and ViewPoint software for PowerPoint are a simple, easy solution, available to purchase.

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Case studies and other resources

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Gp Capt Wilkins is responsible for designing the RAF’s Air Power Conference. This is a high profile event and a major part of the RAF’s engagement activity.

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Lumi Event App: From the Peak to the Plateau

In our whitepaper we consider the event app in relation to the Gartner Hype Cycle and examine the trends that should see the event app become as accepted at a conference as a writing pad or pen.

Choosing the Perfect Mobile Event App

With so many options available, choosing a mobile app for your event can be tricky. Here are 10 things to consider when choosing the perfect mobile event app.

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