What does the latest update to the Lumi Event App mean to customers?

Peter Eyre

What does the latest update to the Lumi Event App mean to customers?

What does this latest update to the Lumi Event App mean to customers and attendees? Simon Officer, Lumi’s Event App Product Manager, took a break to answer a few questions:

Pete Eyre- Marketing Director: There’s lots of event apps out there these days- why should our customers be interested in this November 2016 update? 

Simon Officer- Lumi Product Manager: This release really stands out from the crowd. Not only is the branding new, but we also have new self-sign-up capability, enhanced outreach with our messaging and new system hosting in the EU. We can now reach more users than ever with self-sign-up. Event organisers can supplement their predefined attendee lists by enabling the self-sign-up function. By doing this they can open up access to the event app to gather the widest possible group of attendees. It a great way to have a registration system, without actually having a registration system…We’ve also worked hard to allow organisers to engage with attendees in the most effective manner possible. We’ve added extra flexibility to the messaging system to allow organisers to reach individuals and groups inside or outside of the app, helping to inform and engage with both focused and language appropriate messages.

This new update has also been an opportunity to help smooth the path of acquisition by moving the platform hosting inside European Union boundaries. Previous security challenges will now be much easier to address and with Lumi working hard towards ISO27001 accreditation in 2017, we have a robust and secure solution to offer. Finally, I really love our new branding. I think it makes us stand out from our competitors. It’s just right for adding impact to an event. 

PE: You hear feedback from users, customers and sales teams selling event apps, every day. What is currently the most commonly requested feature or quality demanded of these apps? 

SO: We get great feedback from events and the theme I hear most? Attendees love to get involved.  Once they feel they have a voice, they want to be part of an event more and more. With this release, we’ve really gone to town on the updates to our social media engagement with wider use of ‘comments’ and ‘likes’. Attendees can like photos, exhibitors, speakers, comments and events and each other! They can comment directly on what they like and what they are thinking. This is not only empowering and engaging, but also provides great feedback for the event organisers. Both the attendees and the organisers can engage together in the event more than ever before. 

PE: What’s your favourite or the coolest feature in the Lumi app? 

SO: The one touch, download all documents function. I do a lot of travelling and it’s great to download the documents at home using wifi and digest them at leisure on the plane or train. The fact that Lumi Show works off-line helps me cope with patchy 4G, and downloading the document pack in advance means I’m not stuck downloading potentially large documents at the event when I want to use my bandwidth engaging and networking (and playing Pokémon Go…).

The latest update to the Lumi Event App is available from November 2016.  We have even more exciting features and updates coming soon, so stay tuned by following us on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news.

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